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These Apps Have Saved My Life (well, maybe not literally.)

It’s pretty rare that something comes into your life that is life altering. These three Apps have done that for me: Instacart, Postmates and Prime Now. Time and efficiency are essential in my job, and anything that helps me with both, are golden! These apps offer a service that delivers stuff to my clients and me. In a town where a 20 min drive turns into an hour, and you need to get things done as quickly as possible, and these apps have been life-saving for me. Instacart Istacart is fast delivery service for groceries, sometimes within an hour. It depends on what stores are close to you, for me, the options are: Whole Foods, Costco, Gelson’s, Smart and Final, Erewhon and Ralphs....

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Colorful Buddha

For me, this is the year of love and creativity. I wanted both, and I got both. Yay me! It took me MANY years to find my significant other. I had pretty much thought it would never happen but decided to give online dating one more chance. Cause, if I didn’t even try, then “for sure” it wasn’t going to happen. And there he was, and we just instantly clicked. We met each other's families within the first two weeks of dating, and it was just easy. Easy, they way I had always thought it would be when you meet the right guy. For one of our early dates I suggested we go to Color Me Mine, one of those "paint...

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